Friday, June 3, 2022


When you have someone you can pass on the passion
of do just that.
For many, that is a grandchild...
for me, that person is my great niece, GEMMA

My Gemma, is now 11 years old and she finished her
first quilt December 2021 when she was 10.

She immediately wanted to begin another quilt
 and of course we can make that happen.

She found an Alex Anderson Rail Fence pattern
from the Learn to Quilt book by Alex.
She pulled some fabrics from my stash
for a rainbow quilt!

 I decided it was time for Gemma's first visit to 
a real fabric/quilt shop.

The Calico Cupboard, a local brick and mortar shop
was open and having a huge 19th anniversary sale.

We took her first quilt with us.

I knew all the people at the shop
would make a big deal out of her first finished quilt.
And oh me gosh,  DID they!

Gemma was beaming from all the
wonderful compliments and conversations
with all the other quilters.  

It wasn't just Aunt Kathy doding on her and building her confidence.
Perfect strangers just loving it all.

We found some more fabrics
that we could work into the Rain Fence quilt.
She was having such a fun time. (me too)

Back to my house and I cut some pieces.
I need to get her a rotary cutting glove.

She loved pulling the pieces for each block
and using my design wall to put the blocks together.

She just steals my heart every time
I get to share this passion.
I think she likes it too!


In the interim we won a 19 FQ bundle from that
quilt shop celebration.  I just picked it up. 
 She hasn't seen these yet, but I can hear her squeal with delight.

I just have to share another photo.
We stopped at The Nutcracker Diner in Pataskala, OH

Her interpretation of the Nutcracker.

We have a way to go she just got her hand out of a cast.
Pinkie finger was broken in 2 places due to a horse kicking her
while she was riding at a horse show.

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  1. She is adorable and she made a fabulous quilt! I can see how the ladies at the quilt shop loved it too. I wish her well with her healing and her new quilt.


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