Thursday, June 16, 2022


Anytime I can talk about my quilting journey
with other quilters...its a good day.

After teaching a Plaidish workshop I was the guest
speaker for The Loraine County Piecemankers Guild!
Its a real treat to show my MODERN makes to an
almost all Traditional makers group!
They seem interested and lots of questions follow.

I was very excited to show the group many makes
that came along with stories and laughter.
Although I have been making quilts for 30 years
I often have to limit my trunk show to a certain time frame.
Picking those 15 or sew quilts is always the hard part.

This was one of my first modern 
Pattern: Wonky Cross Tutorial by Jeni Baker.
Fabric: COMMA by Zen Chic

A Laura Heine collage called Pinkekrton.
I named her my Perry County Flamingo
as the members of Perry County Sewcial Club
donated all the pink and coral fabrics
she is made with.

This is a Ghastlies Halloween Family quilt I fondly
call "Orange you Glad its Done"
There's a great story with this Nested Churn Dash quilt.

Another Halloween favorite is Painted Forest Pattern
by Blue Nichols Studio.
I used all C&S Halloween fabrics for the tree leaves.
GRUNGE for the trunks and pulled black and gray scraps
from my stash for the backing.
I call this one "Don't Go In the Forest"

If you ever need a trunk show for your guild,
I am available.  Contact me for details!

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