Sunday, September 25, 2022


I am a lazy knitter.
I want easy projects.
You won’t ever see me knit a sweater.
I seldom wear a sweater and thrift stores
Well…that’s where I find sweaters! 
I don’t mind a small challenge or a learning new stitch.
BUT if pattern makes me fume and curse..and 
I can’t get my brain around the instructions..
That project may never get finished. 

Like this Penrose Tile Shawl!
My friend, who knits beautiful sweaters
Said she had some trouble with it,
She tries to help me but it’s just not fun!

Maybe I could pay someone to make this for me.
I really want it. I just 2 colors and yarns in it. 

I love this Hippo for Christmas yarn By LoLoDidIt
I don’t have a knitted Christmas scarf.

And I found a very easy pattern.
One I have made several times, because it is easy
And very pretty when finished.

Here’s one  I finished 
Looks amazing by my succulents. 

This one is headed to my September beach vacation.
I like to sit in the patio in the evening
Sip wine and knit!

And this scarf is nearing its finish
It’s a DK weight so a bit heavier than 
the fingering weight used in the scarves above. 

The yarn is Pennies at Sunset color
And the pattern is Touchstone. 

It will be oerfect for fall and winter.
I also have an extra skein, so my friend
who crochets amazing hats, is gonna make me a hat!

That being said…I better get those needles moving!

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