Saturday, October 1, 2022


I finally got back to some card making. 
I have some Quilty looking designer paper 
This simple card came out quite nice!

I sometimes mass produce card making pieces and parts.
Like these Christmas boughs with pine cones. 
I gather designer papers, ribbons,
 that can go together with them 

I just love how pretty these boughs are with the metallic paper

For this card I left the bough designs in one larger piece. 
Above the boughs were cut into 3 sections 

I sometimes just make bases with colors I like.
Theses may end up with bee designs…May-bee!

and oh yes…black and gray!
Could be Halloween, Masculine birthday…

I do have A wonderful, Ohio State die cut and stamp set.
Add some plaids in and I am happy, happy, happy! 

and ta-da…Ohio State cards!

Stay tuned as I have been very busy and more cards are in the works. 

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