Tuesday, December 27, 2022


Christmas…gifting is giving.
I always get to use my cardmaking creativity for this.

For my girlfriends…
It usually begins with a plain gift bag
that I decorate with holiday papers.

And hand made gift tags

And when you punch out, too many trees, you figure out how to use them.
I put them on wine bottle gift hangers.

The main gift was a mini Charcuterie Board
I found at Aldis.
I always make handmade Christmas cards!
Even the envelopes get a pretty stamp! 
So, heres a snapshot of the entire package.

I usually receive some fun gifts!

This came from Kim and
oh how true...I actually used to have a Cookie Swap!

My bestie, Kathy knows me so well!
Her gifts began with this towel.

I love the t-shirts and needed new ones...
in the worst way!

I am a Charley Harper fanatic!

These Flamingo Socks were in the gift exchange.
Perfect for me!

My peeps know me!
A slew of fun things and can't go wrong with wine.
Unless of course, its sweet wine.  Ewwww!

But the best gifts given this season…were the toys my girls brought
to the Cork and Fork party.

I asked them to bring a toy their inner child or teenager would have loved…
And why!


Wonderful memories and stories were shared!
Everyone agreed that we are so blessed and
Paying it forward to the kids at 
Franklin County Children Services,
reflects the true meaning of giving. 

I loaded them up in my car, the next Monday…

And took them to FCCS in Columbus Ohio

The place was bustling with gifts and workers!
Santa would soon be delivering toys!

Christmas presents for children who need a kit of extra love
given by friends who understand the need.
I now know how Santa Claus must feel each year!

MERRY CHRISTMAS  to all and to all…a good night

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  1. What a fun post! And so touching were the toys brought and gifted, what a great idea!


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