Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lucky Me!!!

I must be living my life right as I have been very lucky recently.

I follow a lot of blogs or get newsletters and so I do enter some of the "giveaways".   

McCall's had a recent giveaway for those who signed up for their newsletters.  
I was 1 of 4 lucky quilters who won from Rowan Fabrics,  180, 2 1/2" squares.

Lee from Lalas Lovelys Quilting blogspot gave away 2 pouches

Calico Joan at Moose Stash Quilting  gave this fun pattern.

 Gilly Makes Blogspot offered this lovely fabric bundle
"Cabbage and Roses"  

And just last night my blogging friend Jan (Janarama), recemtly won Scrapbooking Software that she is not going to use.  She asked if I would like it and so there you go....another lucky me! 


  1. Yes, indeed, lucky you! Will look forward to seeing some great projects, especially with that bundle!

  2. Quick! Go out and buy a Powerball ticket!

  3. Love the Anthill fabric you lucky thing you!!!

  4. Have you considered a lottery ticket? Or a trip to Vegas? You're on a roll!

  5. Yeah. Can't wait to see how you use all of the booty that you have acquired!


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