Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meet My Machines!!!

Happy National Quilting Day!!!  
 I will be celebrating today with 3 very good friends.
My sewing machines. 

Of this you can be sure...

A good sewing machine can be the best friend you will ever have.  She won't gossip, bitch, or cause you drama. She not a flirt trying to get attention.  She doesn't know everything and if she did, she would never say so.  She never has PMS and understands when you do! You can curse, sing, cry, laugh, or never say a word and know she will never repeat what she hears. She can be temperamental,  skip stitches, knot bobbins and break needles. Show her a little TLC and she will bring you hours of enjoyment!  

So Meet My Machines! Bernina, Aurora 440 

She is my second Bernina and I wish I had held on to the first one.
I was lucky to buy Berninee when she was only a year old,  from a friend, at half the cost of a new one.  Love her to "pieces".  She comes with lots of feet, stitches and of course, Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR)

The BSR is why I had to have her...and believe me it is worth every penny.  I use it for my FMQ..keeps the stitches so nice and even.  Another favorite thing is knee bar that "lifts" the presser foot making easy work of applique & moving around fabric.     

Jennee, my Janome  

I found Jennee in Paducah, KY at the 
2009 AQS 25th Anniversary Quilt Show

She is a mid-size machine with lots of bells and whistles that her big sisters have... FMQ, walking foot and an extension table.  Unlike me, Jennee watches her diet and weights only 11 lbs. 
She rests in a rolling case and is ready to be "mobile" anytime I hit the road.  
Classes, retreats and yep, even vacations.   

Dixie, my Singer Featherweight 221

The latest arrival, but oldest friend was born in 1942
She belonged to someones Grandma and the daughters/granddaughters did now sew. LUCKY ME!
  I couldn't wait to meet her and when I sat her in my sewing room, she was as happy as me.  Check out the beautiful filigree face plate...what a smile! 

I only had to replace the cord for her foot pedal.
Sweetie is my lean, mean piecing machine. The blue painters tape marks my 1/4' seam.  Sweetie is like history at my fingertips! I wonder what sewn, maybe some feed sacks moved across her throat and who were the lucky recipients?  I know if "Grandma" is looking down she is smiling cause, 
Sweetie has found a home that cherishes her!

I also have 2 antique treadle machines that I don't use. One serves as a night stand in the guest room and the other holds my life support system (TV and DVR) in my sewing room.  

Tomorrow, March 17th begins a different March Madness
 "Meet my Machine" Blog Hop

The Tilted Quilt

Erin  @ Sew At Home Mummy and Stacey @the Tilted Quilt have coordinated this fun hop AND  there is a "linky party" at The Tilted Quilt, where others, like me, will share our machine madness!    

What kinda machine is your best friend?  


  1. I love your description of your machines as your best friends! I too love my machine, a Bernina 153 QE. Am looking to upgrade before long (for a BSR), but could never part with my current machine.

  2. I adore the antique Singer - I've never really considered one of those machines, but you have got me really wanting one! You are right, you are sewing on history :) Thanks so much for linking up with us - it's going to be a great week!

  3. Fantastic machines, i love them all! There is something truly wonderful about old sewing machines, quite right, if only they could talk! :o)

  4. Love my featherweight, and mine too either has blue or green painter's tape to mark the 1/4 inch seam.

  5. Great post!!! wonderful looking machines

  6. I also own the 440 and love her and I learned to sew on a featherweight which I wish I owned .I would really love to have the Janome you show , it would be wonderful for classes as my Pfaff that I take along is rather heavy. Thanks for sharing !

  7. I'd have to try it out but I think I'd quite like the Bernina if my DH were to win the Lotto here in the U.K. And now I need to start following your blog.
    Patti xxx

  8. Great machines! I really enjoyed your post.

  9. I would love a featherweight! I'm still learning how to use my treadle, and I love it!

  10. Yippee! I'm finally here! (I'm sorry it took so long girl!)
    I loved your post (and I'm in LOVE with that featherweight! beautiful ol' girl!)
    Thank you SO much for linking up with us - the hop was a lot of fun. I've had several people email me and thank me, saying that this hop came just in time, they're in the market for a new machine and they're following closely!

  11. Great tribute to your machines. I enjoyed reading about them.


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