Sunday, July 7, 2013

NQA has come and gone...and I'm going!

 I'm taking a little vacation this week!  
It's time to visit my bother who lives near Paducah, KY
"Quilt City USA" so I will shopping be at

To borrow a term from Christa Quilts...
it would be a quilting "blasphemy" NOT to stop there. 
And I say it would be "sinful" NOT to shop there.  

Then I'll be hangin out with my BFF, Shirley, 
who will let me use her Gammil to quilt some of my quilts!

But before I go...
a word about the recent Columbus, OH NQA show.
I was desperately seeking "modern".
Being a traditional quilt show...I had to look pretty hard.  

I found this modern beauty by my good friend, Stacey Vanatta.  
This was her "first" quilt entered into a "national" show.  
She could've named it Go BIG or Go HOME!
I believe she said it was 94" x 94" Just beautiful!
Quilting by Michelle Mayton NEVER dissappoints!

Trippin yet?

For all you hexy lovers.. Read this label carefully!
 How many hexies does it take to make this quilt? 

A traditional beauty...but very "hexy"!!!

And talk about a quilt of many pieces...33,320 squares..
 ALL HAND-TIED on the back!

A pixly (is that a word) masterpiece!

A few of my "show" favorites....
Scarlet and Gray always catches my "Buck-eyes"

Owl be lovin this one!!!

A fun modern strippy flair with great quilting motif.

Batik fabrics on this white background gave way to more
incredible quilting - a stand out in the crowd for me. 

And to wrap it up...a couple of the small quilts
in the quilt show challenge..."Celebrate America"

This lady says it all....all the time!

Just charming...the American way! 


  1. Kathy how amazeing those quilts are. One day I hope to be able make a big amazeing quilt. I fell head over hills fot the picture of the hexi quilt....Wow wow wow...Enjoy yourself. You are a lucky duck you get to play on the gotta tell us all about it when you get back.

  2. Such gorgeous quilts! Thank you for the show!

  3. Thank you so much for posting the photos of the quilts. The hexie one is jaw dropping amazing! I wish I could see that one in person.

    Have a happy week!!


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