Monday, July 22, 2013


Lots of "Christmas in July" blog posts this month.  

R-W-B Christmas in July Tree

 I want to share something fun...including a signature kwilt!
This might give you and idea for a precious holiday gift 
-time with friends-

For 10 years I held a Holiday Cookie Exchange Party! 
Just girlfriends, no guys, no kids allowed.

1,103 dozen or 13,421 Cookies came to the parties over 10 years
173 friends attended - avg 17 per party.

Now this was NOT a typical Cookie Exchange Party.
I had rules (fun rules) and everyone complied as
they knew how fun the party would be.
Each party had a "theme"

I "Decked my Halls" to the limit 
(check my 2012 Decking my Halls posts for more decorating ideas)

1. Bronze and Green Great Room Tree   2. Holiday Chorus Kwilt   Antique tree toppers   4. Master bath
5. Vintage houses on cake plates  6. Red bird tree  7. Snowman tree  8. Antique ornament wreath
9. Bathroom tree 10. Sewing tree 11. Front porch   12. Gingerbread Tree

I provided a dinner (and drinks, of course)
 "around a theme" for all the girls!
I made cookie books with all the cookie recipes 
and my dinner dishes and beverages.
Everyone took home a handmade party favor.
Lots of handmade door prizes were given!

The year the theme was "Vintage Holiday" I asked
all the girls to wear aprons. 

I'm in the center wearing my Mom's apron and House dress with the slip showing.

and put them into a Signature Kwilt

Labeled it...and I have a priceless treasure.

My last gift to my girls, were Cookie Diva aprons, each with 
a personality just like the Cookies Divas who got them.

Mine, the Cookie Queen  (she should be a red head) 

And all the Cookie Divas!

So if you have never hosted a "Cookie Exchange"
why not this year....plenty of time to plan it and its a great way
to share some fun time with your girls...

How sweet it is!

Karen at Quilty Creations 
has a great Linky Party showcasing
 Something Old - Something New.
This post is part of that fun!


  1. I've only been to two cookie exchanges in my you've made me want to host one. It looks so fun and I love the pics, quilt, and decorations. :O)

  2. What a fun time. The only cookie exchange I have been a part of, was bring them in, and exchange them, go home. Yours sounds so much better!

  3. Your cookie exchange looks and sounds like a lot of fun! I've been thinking that I need to start a holiday get together of some kind now that the kids are leaving the nest... maybe a Put up the Tree Party!

  4. I have only attened one of these type events ever...And it was just a fast exchange type deal..

  5. I've never heard of The Cookie Exchange before but it sounds like brilliant fun! The apron quilt is indeed a treasure! Thanks so much for sharing your story and linking up! :-)

  6. What a partay! Sounds like a wonderful time. Your Cookie Divas are adorable!


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