Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Summer Vacation...nothing like it!
A visit to my big brother's home in Western Kentucky
He just turned 75 and I'm the "baby sister".
I kid him as he could be a double in Duck Dynasty!
The Ohio and Mississippi River come together behind us!

The driveway to my brother's house freaked me out!
 265 acres of corn field surrounded his house
it was sooooo quiet and NO Internet!  YIKES!!!
Can you say  "Children of the Corn"

But the good news is...he lives 45 minutes south of Paducah, KY 
First up a few scenes of Quilt City, USA
1. Port of Paducah Wall (Ohio River side) 2. Fifty Historical Hand Painted Murals Scenes on the Wall
3.  Historic downtown Paducah 4. Whalers Restaurant near the National Quilt Museum (great black eyed peas)

The National Quilt Museum is a "must see" when visiting Paducah
Quilts are unbelievable and the exhibits change!

Books at the museum store were Buy 2, Get 1 Free
I got these 2 and  both are FABULOUS!
My SIL picked out another one she liked. 

For those of you who have never been to 
Hancocks of Paducah...hold on to your pin cushions!
There are two large warehouses FULL of fabrics!
I shopped for 2 1/2 hours and could have stayed longer!
Photos 1, 2 and 3 are the front part of the huge warehouse store
Photo 4 is the back room which is crammed with precuts and kits-many on sale
During the NQA show each April - the back warehouse room is table after table of fabrics on sale!

And, ohhhh the bargains I found. 
Noteworthy was 5.99/yd and I got the line in 1/2 yard cuts
The linen package was 22.00 for seven, 1/3 yard cuts
Stash builders were 1/2 cuts at 5.99 / yard
Baby fabrics 5.99-9.99 / yard

1. Noteworthy  2. Linens  3. Stash builders  4. Baby kwilt fabrics
My final shopping spree was on the last leg of my
 trip, stopping at
Fabric Shack-Waynesville, OH

1. Glamping Charms 2. Low volume scraps 3. Winter's lane and FQs 4. Holiday FQs



  1. Drool, drool... Wish I was on your vacation, too! Nice to meet your brother and belated happy b-day to him! We are Duck Dynasty fans in this house. That fabric shopping looked like it would be hard to make choices, but you sure did fine! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time off!


  2. Oh Kathy...I am so jealous of you....You got Modern Holiday....I have been so drooling over that book. and wow the awesome prices on fabric..You really lucked up...I sure hope you enjoyed your visit with your brother....Yea...I can see where all the corn feilds and no internet could be scary.....we are so spoiled. Aren't we lucky...

  3. Love seeing all your pics. Especially loved seeing Hancock's...looks like an amazing store!

  4. You reminded me of my high school days with the movie, Children of the Corn. I would be a little freaked out too.

  5. So green with envy! Two of my favorite shops to order from online. Someday.....

  6. I'm jealous. Have to get to Paducah. Great fabrics, great deals and lots of fun.

  7. I had no idea that a fabric store could look like that! exciting. Oh, the choices.

  8. I so want to go to Paducah. now that is something I didn't think I would ever hear myself say! lol..
    Nice haul!
    xo jan

  9. Wow, a dream trip indeed. Do they have a carry-out service? Because with that selection and prices, I would need some strong arms to help me out :)

  10. Such a wonderful array of fabrics! I love love love your selection of Holiday fat quarters. Buying while away is always so fun - lovely to come home and re-organise your stash to fit everything in!

  11. I really, really, really want to go to Paducah!! Lucky you!!!

  12. Oh what a fabulous trip! And awesome fabric haul. Yay for bargains!!! Love Winter's Lane - such a gorgeous line!


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