Friday, January 16, 2015


I haven't snow skied in 15 years. I loved it.
 I took my vaations in the winter, playing in the snow
of  the Rocky Mountains. 
Honeymooned in Breckenridge, Colorado in 1999.

A couple of my good skiing buddies...
tied the knot last fall.

I was out of town and missed the wedding...
but I knew exactly what their gift would be!

A beautiful kwilt made with blue and white snowflake batiks.
and yes, these were in my stash.

Let's add a little snow to this shot!

Aren't these snowflake pretty
The backing is white with silver snowflakes.

Photo label of Ginny and Jim 
atop of a mountain in Europe!
They ski everywhere!

I finally got the kwilt finished and gave it to them recently
A surprise for sure....

A happy surprise, I'd say...

Hopefully they won't fight over the kwilt.
It's big enuf for both to snuggle under!

He chased her for 13 years...till she caught him!

Yep, some of my friends are FLAKEY!
Luv you Ginny and Jim!

A finish for...


  1. What a wonderful gift for what looks to be a fun loving couple! And, thanks for reminding to get out my own batik snowy quilt for our living room (how could I forget!).

  2. i am trying to sew my stash too, good luck and great quilt

  3. What a gorgeous quilt, Kathy. A lovely story to go with it too!

  4. That's really beautiful Kathy, what a wonderful gift.

  5. Oh so sweet...both the quilt and the story.

  6. They are so sweet! Gorgeous quilt. Great job.


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