Tuesday, January 13, 2015

BUCKEYE PRIDE is more than just a football!

If you know me at all you know...

 about THE Ohio State Buckeyes!
I am not just any fan...and if you scroll
thru this post you will see why!

Last nite THE Ohio State Buckeyes
showed the world just what BUCKEYE PRIDE is
They made college football history by winning 
the NATIONAL playoff championship game!

Sew what?   
Well I bleed scarlet and gray!
and even if you don't...
I think you will enjoy this post and
see where my BUCKEYE PRIDE lives.

An OSU kwilt I made my hubby

 BRUTUS BUCKEYE the mascot
Yup..I painted this for football season.

A hand embroidery piece
Snowmen doing the signature O - H - I - O

BUCKEYE CORNER - in our bar
party central for football parties

Wall hanging I made my son...
He picked his fabrics and design...

He's been a Buckeye a very long time.

 BRUTUS and me a few years ago!

A kwilt for my BIL who gave me 
the licensed fabric for Christmas

and the BUCKEYE BITCH...
she hangs around parties making sure
we have a great time.



  1. You truly are a fan! Nice quilts you made.

  2. I am a dishearted Duck fan, but I would rather lose to Ohio and the Buckeyes, than the Michigan Wolverines (oops did I say that and I live in MI) My ex and I still rib each other during college football season regarding where "our" teams are ranked. Remember you and your team won the 1st ever College Football National Championship game, that is something to be mighty proud of!

  3. Wow. You are one serious pair of fans and it was fun to see all of your great Buckeye things.

  4. There is nothing like a good win to bring Ohioans together and be proud of where we live and who we support. This win has been a long time coming and seen the program overcome many obstacles.They SHOULD be proud of their accomplishments and we SHOULD be proud of them. And your quilts and memorabilia are a lot of fun too.

  5. So glad they won!! I am a new fan as my daughter has been accepted as a transfer student:) She starts this summer. Her hubby got a promotion in his job and they will be moving next month from Mississippi:) They are both very excited!!!

  6. It was super exciting for us newbie fans (our future SIL is enrolled in grad school there) so I can't imagine how thrilling it was for a super fan like you!


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