Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I loathe the CAPTCHA aka WORD VERIFICATION feature on blogs!  It's that annoying box that jumps up and requires you jump through a hoop to leave a comment.  Looks something like this!

2 or 3 months ago I happened to notice it was appearing on my comment sections AGAIN!!!  
WTF?  I turned this off years ago!

After useless bantering with Blogger help forums, who said the engineers made an error and "they were working on this issue".
I got tired of waiting and after some trail and error - trying this and that - I figured out how to fix it! It's the techy girl in me! 

If you use a BLOGGER platform for your blog..better check and see if what is happening in your comments.   Go leave yourself a comment on one of your blog posts.  If the CAPTCHA screen pops is the fix.  

Follow the screen shot below...
In Design mode
Go to Settings
Post and  Comments
Comment Location field ... Select the option for "embedded"
Show Word Verification field - set to NO
Save your changes!

If you want to post a blog about this issue on yiur blog....just link back to my post for the instructions. I am sure many don't even realize that their CAPTCHA is on!  

Leave me a comment and tell me if your CAPTCHA was on or off and if you were able to fix it.


  1. Thank you so much, I had no idea mine had turned back on. I had noticed that a lot of bloggers had it on, but I figured they had been having problems. I followed your directions and it worked perfectly, no more robot verification's which I really hate.

  2. I don't know if mine was on or not, but I went through your steps, and mine was set up that way already. So I guess I'm good to go. Thanks for the heads up - it seems EVERYONE has that on lately.

  3. I had no idea it was enabled. Thanks to your instructions, it is now turned off. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for helping me today. That feels SO much better!!

  5. Thanks, Kathi. I didn't even realize that my blog was doing this until I read your's. All better now :)

  6. Thank you mine is now set to no. I didn't even realize it was turned on.

  7. I had to fix mine a couple of weeks ago. It is just irritating.

  8. I have found that you don't even have to click the "I'm not a robot". Just click publish and it does! Thanks for the tip.

  9. Oy, thanks for the heads up ! I will fix mine as soon as I get to my PC!

  10. Well it was on until you notified me and I immediately fixed it. I hate that Blogger put this up without telling us first or giving us the option of opting out.

  11. The problem with using embeded posts, is that now Google will not allow anyone not on Google to post a comment. Open ID will no longer work. So your followers with Wordpress, Typepad, and others under Open ID are locked out. Just thought you'd like to know. I had to go get a google blogger address just to be able to comment on blogs with embedded comment boxes.


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