Thursday, January 1, 2015


'2014 was a very "stash busting" year for me.
  I made over 70 projects...from mug rugs to kwilts.
 In doing sew...I burned myself out!
By December...I didn't want to go in my sewing room.

If you know me at all, you know I love 
Alexander Henry's GHASTLIES Fabric
I have quite a stash - not counting a bunch of scraps!

I have made and sold 7 Ghastlies Kwilts
and now I wish I had kept them...

 Like this one -the very first line of Ghastlies
and the "Sidelights" pattern.
Which is how I fell in love with the Ghastlies
The pink and gray just drew me in!

or this one from the "Ghastlies Gallery" line
The Perfect 10 pattern was "perfect" to highlight the 
family portraites

In 2015 is gonna be "my" selfish sewing year of 
Let's see what happens when I make them MODERN!

Modern Building Blocks Ghastlies
I saw this on IG by @liveacolorfullife
And new I had to make my own version!

A Nested Churn Dash Kwilt 
In 2014 I made 2 minis using the Nested Churn Dash pattern

I only have a small amount of this original "orange" Ghastlies  
I will make sure the kwilt with this showcases this print.
I know it will be some type of "churn dash"

An Economy Block Kwilt
Here is a mini I received from SewBrewtiful 
in my 2014 Ghastlies Swap that I hosted
I want to make a bit bigger blocks and a lapsize.

I sold a "wonky impromptu"   
made with blocks similar to this one. 
It's a great way to use Ghastlies scraps in the center 
 and add other stash fabrics to finish it out!

and I have some of the Ghastlies Christmas prints
that are begging to be used!

Of course, I have smaller projects
up my GHASTLIES sleeves!

Won't you follow along with me here on my blog 
and on Instagram, by following @kwiltypleasures 

If you have an idea for me to use my Ghastlies
please leave me a comment and I'll consider it!


  1. I'm drooling over all your Ghastlie stash, I'm so envious. Your Ghastlie quilts are all beautiful, I don't know how you were able to let any of them go. You're a stronger woman than I am, I would have kept every one of them. I wish I could help with an idea but, I can't think of any. Except, maybe share some of your Ghastlies with me. ;-> good luck with your next quilt! I'm sure it will be lovely. Happy new year!! ;-> Toni Anne

  2. I so love all the ghastlies now, when I first started following you I thought what on earth did you see in this fabric NOW I KNOW! I am excited about what lies ahead in 2015, modern bocks with ghastlies hopefully some traditional too and maybe you will replace some of the quilts you wish you had kept.

  3. I'm with Margaret, initially I thought, really? But seeing your creations has made me a ghastlies believer ;) What about a tumbling block quilt with the ghastlies featured in the same 'side' of the block? It might kind of look like a bunch of TVs showing ghastlies! First thing that popped in my head as I was looking at your fabulous makes :) Happy New Year!!

  4. I can't wait to see what kind of "selfish" sewing you do with your Ghastlies.

  5. It sounds your are going to have a "Ghastlies" year! Enjoy the journey. Happy New Year.

  6. I'm thinking that you really need a good Ghastlie tote to show off everywhere you go. I too am going to do some serious Ghastlie sewing this year. I really want to get at least one quilt made and since I already made a Ghastlie cover for my Lucy I think I need to make one for Penelope too, though that one will be a bit tougher to design. You know I'll be watching to see what you create. Oh and BTW....I was on Hancocks of Paducah's site yesterday shopping for a quilting backing and saw that they have Ghastlies on sale for $5.99 a yard. I ordered some Sebestian in Smoke but I already have the others that I want, thankfully for my wallet.


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