Monday, March 21, 2016


This project has a moral of the story to consider...
It is a LOST project, FOUND in my stash for many years.
  It is now a UFO project for the 
All People Quilt Resolution Challenge

I bought this X block book and ruler many years ago...

This cute Halloween fabric had been cut for a very long time, LOST in my stash of many grandious projects.

I started making the blocks...

Put them on the design wall and much to my surprise...
 NOT at all what I must have envisioned so many years ago!

So I tried another layout, that I liked better.
Still not exciting, but will work for a table runner.

 This UFO makes me SAD because I waited so long to make
SAD that I don't really like it.   

I used part of the fabrics to make the backing and will get it quilted before Halloween.  

I will put this finished project in my stack of "pay it forward" projects for swaps !
Every IG Halloween SWAP needs a Swap Angel, right?

Moral of the story...try not to wait years to finish
a  UFO.  If you do you may be SAD and find yourself on the   
"what was I thinking" wagon!

Again I meet my challenges for...


  1. I've found quite a few "not quite what I was thinking" projects as I've cleaned out my stash this winter. Our tastes sure do change, don't they?

  2. Or how about losing bits and pieces of an old ufo into other projects and you start finding them willy nilly, but cannot seem to get the whole thing back together. Good way to use the blocks though and power through. One blog is having a "yard" sale for projects that you just do not love anymore.


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