Monday, March 14, 2016


I am not a sock knitter 
but I luv me some hand knit socks!

But I got very lucky last Christmas 
when Lucia, @pearlofthepacific on IG
and Lucia Pane on Ravelry
granted my yarn wish for a pair of hand knitted socks.

She knitted me THESE beautiful pink socks!

I saw Lucia had a goal to make 36 pairs of socks in 2016
So I commissioned her to knit me another pair.

I sent her the yarn I had in my stash

and picked out this pattern, Ludmilla
you can find it here on Ravelry

a short time later I received these beauties!

I am one happy gal and know I will need more socks in my future!
But for now.. Lucia has really "socked it to me"

Both turned out beautiful!
Please stop over on Ravelry and check out 
all of Lucia's patterns.
Just click here!

Knit On!


  1. Both look wonderful and snuggly warm. My BIL's girlfriend made everyone socks for Christmas and we all love them. They are the best for keeping my toesies toasty while I sew.

  2. Both pairs look warm and comfy. How nice of her to knit them for you.

  3. Lucky you! I love my hand knit socks, but I have to knit them myself!


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