Monday, March 28, 2016


Welcome to my Sew Kind of Wonderful-mess!

I signed up for a corporate sponsored class with my former
co-workers/guild peeps.  The goal here was to save $7.00
I had issues getting into the class...and getting on-line
to sign up...but that is boring and annoying stuff!

I got the Pattern and Quick Curve Ruler for Christmas
($35 my hubby bought it)
I had been hoarding a Zen Chic "Figures" Jelly Roll ($42)
and bought the rest of my fabric. ($40)
Class Fee $27.00 + $5.00 corporate dues ($32)
I am at $149.00 

I sewed my strip sets before class...I was ready!

In the class...instructor provides a QCR cutting demo 
to help us understand the ruler / cutting lines
She says cut the curve lining up the SOLID LINE 

Cutting and sewing away...then hmmm
  the end pieces of the blocks don't fit...1/2" smaller
I ask the instructor why?  
"Don't it on that way and when we 
square up the blocks to 10" and it will be fine"

 I finish a 4-block square...Looks OK...
So...I cut some more curved pieces...

Later at home...someone in our group gets her ruler 
and pattern out and discovers we were using 
the WRONG DAMN LINE to cut the curves!

Instead of the LARGE DOTTED LINE - - -
we were told to use the  SOLID LINE ___ 
as the reference line which ends up being 
Exactly 1/2" too big (see next photo)
and why my pieces were not working!

 5 curved strips cut "per strip set" instead of the 7 needed!

Fortunately I had a couple strips of "Figures"strips left over.  
I mixed them up with other strip sets and FINALLY 
had enough fabric to make the number of blocks I need!

I had to fuss with my background fabric and 
made a curved template to cut the curves I needed 
out of my scraps to finish the blocks

Lesson Learned...
EVEN if you have an instructor...who is supposed to know
what the hell they are doing...
make sure you understand the technique and ruler
before going to a class!

Many will not have enough fabric and some will
finish it to the best size this mistake will allow...sad story!

The shop has admitted their error, apologized and those
attending will probably receive some small store credit.
Guess its better than nothing...
My hope is that the instructor will
"review her materials" before she teaches any class again!  

 I will name this quilt...
"Some Kinda Wonderful-mess"


  1. The only way to really learn how to use a ruler is to make mistakes. Too bad yours were because of the instructor's error. We expect an expert when we pay for a class but sometimes don't get one.

  2. I know how you feel! Have had classes that were not so great,and, do better on my own. I also hate buying a precut kit for Christmas, and find out later, there were missing fabrics, and crummy substitutions. Was not able to finish the project due to missing backing fabric, and other fabric too small to finish the front section. GRRR!

    1. Cecilia you are set up as a no-reply blogger so I am responding here. Thanks fir your comment and it is a shame we have it edger ithers mistakes. But somehow we mange.

  3. At least you had enough fabric to finish your quilt. I am sorry for those that were not able to.


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