Tuesday, March 1, 2016


February has come and gone even with Leap Day. 
I finished up a fun WIP for the 
All People Quilt Resolution Challenge.

Luv me some Notecards
and I hop you will too!

I like to save some scraps...well OK..lots of scraps!
I have been buying card and envelope stock
with those 40% of coupons at my local craft stores!

I think "Note Cards"  still have a place in a 
Twitter, Instagram, emailing, texting world!

If you send or give someone a card...
they will know  you cared enough 
to step outside the social media boxes!

It all begins with an old sewing machine needle...
This set on white card stock and
"Noteworthy" fabric scraps are sweet!

Brown card stock and (old) scraps from 
  Urban Couture, Basic Grey look amazing!

I signed the back of each card!
 "Winter's Lane" fabric scraps are some of my favs!
The colors just pop on this white card stock!

I just listed these sets of 6 Note Cards in my Etsy Shop
Just click here!
I have lots of other items in the shop.. 
so enjoy and browse around!

I really enjoyed getting these done and by using small fabric scraps
I was able to keep up with these two challenges!

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  1. Wow, that is a beautiful idea. I guess I'm just not that creative but I do love yours.


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