Sunday, December 10, 2017


A friend commissioned me to make a baby quilt.  
Well that's always fun.
This time the parents DO NOT
want to know the gender of their baby, before birth.

That being said...the challenge was on!
My friend came by to pick out the gender neutral fabrics
from my stash.

Kate and Birdie Bluberry Park

close up of the animals and park scenes

She selected the Perfect 10 Swirly Girl Designs
This is one of my all time favorite patterns
and it works up so sweet with a novelty fabric like this!
Check it out 👶

Had some fabric left for a pop of color on the back.

She also wanted the quilting to be a FMQ meander! 
I love this quilting design on a baby quilt,
Cause when it's washed...the crinkles happen!

All done except for the label...
We will all find out the gender next March!

40 years ago, when I was pregnant, 
we never had the option of "knowing the gender"
I am glad, because I think it makes the
whole experience and anticipation...
very exciting!

What about ya want to know the gender?


  1. Oh that is super cute! My son is 28 and we had the option to find out boy or girl, but back then they sometimes got it wrong! We didn't want to know. Through my pregnancy I thought I was having a girl and surprise! A good surprise though. My sister-in-law has a daughter and a daughter-in-law both pregnant now. Her DIL doesn't want to know the gender and it's about to drive my SIL crazy!

  2. So nice to make a quilt for a friend, now you can wait and be surprised when she has the baby.

  3. I doubly love this quilt because I also have a stash of this fabric and the pattern is just perfect for it. Thanks for the inspiration. I just welcomed the birth of my first grandchild this year and my son and his wife did not want to know the gender until delivery which I was fine with. After raising two boys I was and am still so excited to have a granddaughter.

  4. This is a beautiful nongender quilt and the quilting is perfect for it. I love the puckers when it's washed! I love that it was always a surprise in the delivery room. I was sure my third child was another girl, so when the doctor said, "its a boy" I asked him if he was sure. LOL

  5. I wanted to know but the doctor wouldn't tell me. I didn't matter much to me - I tried to keep thing gender neutral even after my daughter was born.

  6. Very nice baby quilt - fun prints and perfect use of scraps on the back. I liked knowing the gender of my babies. For me, it let me feel even more connected to them as a real little person even before they were born. I don't think it's weird to want to be surprised, though.

  7. Gorgeous quilt. My daughter didn't want to know the gender of her last child. I was fine with that. But my step daughter had fits about it the whole time. I think the anticipation is nice.

  8. My seventh child was predicted to be a girl by the technician but it was a boy! What a surprise that was. I had to pick another name etc. I like being surprised.


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