Friday, December 22, 2017


I am so blessed to have this cutie pie in my life.  
She is my great-niece and she loves her Aunt Kathy!
 and Aunt Kathy's sewing room!

Just before school started (first grader here)
we worked together to make a fabric bracelet.

She picked the fabric from the scrap bin and the thread

She kept the rows pretty straight
while learning to keep her fingers away from the needle area!
Also gave her a bamboo skewer to use as a stylus...
making sure those fingers were safe!
I added the Velcro for the fastener.

During Thanksgiving break she came to stay the day

and I had a project ready!

Gemma's Momma and Daddy were married on Halloween.

They love everything skulls, skeletons...

I found this Chillingsworth Christmas fabrics.

Just perfect for pillowcases!

Gemma is very good about doing exactly what I tell her.

It took all day, cause 6 year old girls need breaks.
She did most of the sewing for 3 pillow cases.
Well, yes, Gemma needed one too!

She promises not to tell her Mom and Dad...

but that face...may not be able to keep a secret!


  1. Oh she is so gorgeous! How fun to have the younger generation become interested and share our passions. Great pillowcases!

  2. So cute! And the fabric's fun, too! Boy, would I love if one of my nieces wanted to come for a quilting or sewing retreat of our own together. :)


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