Sunday, December 17, 2017


Quilt shows are great...
Having my first solo quilt shows was amazing...
BUT the thing that made it perfect....was not my quilts...
it was...
"when friends show up" 

"Meet the Artist Reception"
Inniswood Metro Gardens
November 12, 2017

Kathy and Jim Guenther
from Cincinnati made the trip to see the show.
Phil and I met them on a cruise 6 years ago
and a friendship was formed. 
Kathy and I have become such great friends!
Quilty companions, fabric fanatics
and travel buddies
(aka Thelma and Louise)

One of my long time friends Linda Craig and her
daughter, Shannon Coil still keep me in their lives...
Since the 1980s

Barb Kelly, a friend from the Columbus Modern quilters
 is there in the background.

Linda and Ron Mash, friends since the late 70s
 have been putting up with me with during skiing, 
football parties and lots of cocktails!

Ron must have told a joke cause Cindy Raines is laughing
 and Tom Raines has that look on his face.
Cindy and I met thru work related technology
but found out partying was much more fun!

Just behind them I spy Cristin Wilson and her son Eli!
Cristin was one of the first modern quilters
 I met here in Columbus. Sew happy I did! 

Oh here is a much better pic of Cristin and Eli!  

If I could pick a would be this girl...
Jaclyn Davis 
Another Columbus Modern Quilter who is slowly
inheriting my collection of antique tree toppers.
So happy she came by to offer support
a smile and a big hug!

Faith Haynesworth and Connie Bell have been 
quilty peeps for many years.
We go waaaaay back to Common Threads Quilt Guild.
We have lots of fun at quilt retreats and some local sewing
get togethers!

I was floored when a Regina Edwards walked in.
We worked together at Nationwide Insurance 
25 years ago!  Our friendship remains intact thanks to FB
and thrift store shopping!

Speaking of Nationwide peeps, here is my co-worker 
and very good friend for over 20 years...
we were technology gurus...but friends first and foremost.
Kim Kidwell Gordon
(aka the Gordon Girls)

More friends from skiing, football and cocktail parties
Jim and Ginny Proctor!
When they married a few years ago...of course 
they got a quilt from me!

What fun when Carol Paull and Janis Pryor came in...
more Common Threads peeps...but I also worked
 with Janis at Nationwide...

Vicky Leonhardt is a good friend, who never ceases to
amaze me with her busy schedule and beautiful family. 
She lives nearby and I get to attend their 4th of July shindig!

and here is the other half of that team, Bob Leonhardt
He loves his IPA beers!

Another gardener peep who is always there to support!
Cherie intrigued by the red birds.
We have recently found another love... in kilts!

Leigh Morgan is always a fun modern quilter, 
who always has a story, a smile, and sometimes IS the story! 
Let's just say she is alot of fun at quilt retreats!

And last but not least, my sweet niece and nephew
 came by to give me some love.  
I don't have a lot of family in town
so having their support is wonderful!
Mellisa and Rob Durrett and Mary (Mom and MIL)

It was a two hour reception and the people flowed
in and out like smooth ocean waves.
Never stopping!

My face hurt from smiling so much.
My heart swelled to almost bursting.

Over 50 people signed a journal and left
comments about my show...I will cherish
all those words...forever!

I can never express how grateful I am
to all those who loved me enough to
take time to see my quilts!


  1. Congratulations on your first solo quilt show Kathy. How wonderful that you have the support of so many.

  2. Wow, Kathy, this is just marvelous - It makes me so happy to see others have such a wonderful time. :)

  3. So wonderful!!! I bet you had a hard time carrying on a conversation with a person before someone new walked in! You are blessed. So many good friends.


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