Tuesday, June 12, 2018


I can never resist a fun blog hop...
especially when FLOWERS are involved.

Carol, of Comment #21, is the WINNER
(random generator seltor)
of my fabric scraps giveaway!
The contest is now closed.  

When Carla over at Creatin in the Sticks 
asked me to join the fun with flowers..
I jumped into the dirt
and found these beautiful flowers in my stash.

I decided to make a special friend a retirement gift
as my project for this hop!
The flowery fabric seemed perfect for the
Noodlehead Poolside Tote.

I used the larger print for the exterior of the bag.
I was out of soft and stable, which makes the bag very firm...
So I used a layer of SF101 and Cotton Batting.

Worked pretty well.
The lining had to be the big polka-dots!
I just used SF101 on the lining and pockets.

The interfacing piece can seem intimidating.
 Read the instructions carefully and follow the basting steps!
Yes it is a couple extra steps to add a basting line where
the pattern indicates, but sew worth it.

I like to add a key fob to my totes
and if you use your zipper foot to sew it
you can get really close to the key fob metal
without hitting it.

Turned out great!
and since she just moved into apartments...
I am pretty sure she will have a pool.
Maybe I will go visit and take a dip!

Thanks for stopping by today! Leave me a comment 
and tell me if you prefer the pool or a beach...
you can enter to win my larges pieces of leftover scraps.
(Sorry, US only)

For a complete list of hop participants
head on over to Creatin in the Sticks.

Now for the bad news...something is going on with
 bloggers NOT receiving notification of your comments.
 Up until a short time ago...I always got your comment
in my email inbox.   Not happening right now.
Sad for bloggers sad for followers.

I will return here to draw the winner of 
the fabric bundle on June 20th.
And if I can reach you by an email I will.  

If you don't hear back from me specifically to your comment,
please know I will be reading them here in the comments below.
I won't have time to actually look up emails to respond.


  1. Your bag is wonderful! I just love the fabrics you used. I would choose the beach over the pool.
    jklmengland at windstream dot net

  2. What a wonderful retirement gift! I would chose the pool over the beach. I burn very easily and it's closer to get back inside. Not only do I burn easily but also I wilt in a short time in the heat and need to take cover due to health issues. I need to be where I can get cooled down quickly, so the pool is much better for me. I love the scenery of the beach; the open air; the wonderful animals (both human and other that God has made); and just the senerity of the beach in general. When we used to have a ski boat, we often went to the lake in the late afternoon when many of the people were leaving for the day and stayed until dark thirty. The lake would start calming down from all the people making waves all day and the sun would eventually start setting and it was very, very peaceful and the water was usually very smooth for skiing. We'd get off the lake just before it was dark. We'd have a light on just as we were coming in to the dock. It could have been a very romantic time, if I had a romantic husband. He didn't know how to show emotion - his mother was very stoic and never showed loving emotions to her children. I still enjoyed the serenity. Again, thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  3. Beautiful bag! I’m definitly a beach gal; not because I like to sunbathe, but because I love being near the ocean!

  4. What a great bag, I am sure she will find lots of ways to use it. I prefer the beach. knitbug(at)charter(dot)net.

  5. Love that bag! I know she will enjoy it too. I'm not much of a pool or beach person, but I would choose the beach if I had one close by. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sure hope this get fixed soon for you all. Very pretty tote. Like the handlesespecially and the fabric is lovely!

  7. A great bag! You did a good job making it, it looks wonderful.

  8. Thanks for the tips, I like the key fob! I love both the beach and the pool, they both have their own uniqueness...but I think I favor the beach most for tranquility and the feel of the sand on my skin~

  9. The beach is the best when I'm at the pool looking out at it. Love your baggy flowers. Thank you for joining Where Flowers Bloom, Kathy. Your tote is an inspiration for sure.

  10. Wonderful bag! I'll bet your friend finds more places to use it than just the pool. I prefer the pool. Beaches have sand, ugh!

  11. Living in Wyoming, the beach is a long way away! It holds a kind of romantic pull! Surf, sand, setting sun! Pooltime is limited to this old lady too, but I do like the pool in our local Recreation Center! I am on the fence that way!!!!

  12. First, your friends new tote is fabulous. Great pattern and fabric choice. Then I'm more of a pool side person. The beach gets sand in my hand craft projects and I don't go many places without them.

  13. Sadly no beach around here but I love to swim in the pool early in the mornings but to be able to swimm in one of the swiss lakes is wonderfu. Love your tote and it will be treasured and used well for sure!

  14. It's a very pretty bag. I'm sure your friend will love it. I'm not American so don't put me in your draw : )

  15. I love your bag! I have made this bag myself, twice. In fact, I just used the 2nd one over the weekend because the 1st one is worn out. Your friend will love her beach tote!

  16. I prefer the beach. I'm not as interested in swimming as just enjoying nature, and love looking at bigger bodies of water.

  17. I prefer a freshwater beach. Lakes are great.

  18. What a perfect tote for a retirement. Someone will definitely enjoy the water someplace. I too love key fobs and love to add a D-ring inside of my bags to clip them too. Pool or ocean huh?? It's a toss up. Nothing soothes the soul more than listening to the ocean roar, but I love swimming, knowing that "JAWS" isn't lurking somewhere to attack me! hahahahah Calicojoan@aol.com

  19. I prefer a pool where I can swim without a sting ray swimming with me. This happened to me as you might have guessed. rozz01(at)cox(dot)net

  20. Your bag is gorgeous and a perfect gift for someone retiring. It's big and pretty...love it!

  21. Don't you love the Poolside Tote? I made 2 of them and used fusible fleece in the first one. Great tote for more than the poolside. Having grown up in California, I prefer the ocean (we never had swimming pools there). Now that I am not living near the ocean, I still prefer the ocean as it brings back nice memories. Love your fabrics. patchouli dot moon dot gmail dot com

  22. Beach,...love your tote bag great colors too....happyness04431@yahoo.com

  23. What a gorgeous bag!! You picked the perfect fabric for it too :) xx

  24. I love your bag. I prefer a pool

  25. Think I pick the beach--Your tote is perfect in blue!

  26. Beach...even in landlocked Iowa, there are beaches by lakes and rivers. That's a great bag and one that will sure be used. You'll need to make one for yourself so you can use it when you visit your friend and her pool! :) bull tulip 69 at gmail dot com (no spaces)

  27. Beautiful bag ... lovely gift ... I like a key fob on my bags, too ... :-) Pat

  28. This is absolutely a delightful bag. I'm sure she'll love it. I'd take either pool or beach. ND is landlocked and we'll take our water fun any way we can get it.

  29. Cute fabric and a very cute bag!

  30. Great bag! The colors are so pretty. I am sure your friend will love it.

  31. Lovely bag! Thanks for the tutorial!

  32. I love the bag and the fabrics you chose. I don't mind relaxing by the pool but walking on the beach is my all time favorite thing to do.

  33. Thanks for the idea for a quick bag that is NOT a rectangle! Love your title "baggy flowers". Take care.

  34. LOL on Joan's comment... Such a great bag, loved the tips about the SF101 and the zipper foot. I'm also a firm believer in basting. It really makes such a difference. I really love the bag and... while I would choose the ocean, it's nowhere near me and since I don't know how to swim, I only go into the ocean when the water gets to my knees I stop... so a pool is it for me as I love water aerobics.

  35. Nice bag. Those fabrics are perfect for it. I most definitely prefer the beach. I love the feel of the sand on my feet. I just love everything about it.

  36. I am not entering the giveaway because I live in England, but I still wanted to comment that I think your bag is fabulous. x

  37. Such a pretty pool tote! Love the colors, love the fabrics!

  38. Such a cute tote! I hate the sinking sand, so I would have to say pool. Plus, like Joan, I really have no desire to be shark bait! LOL

  39. I love the beach ! Great bag, thanks for the chance at winning the leftovers.

  40. Adorable tote, especially in those fun fabrics!

  41. It turned out great and I'm sure she loves it.


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