Friday, July 10, 2020


2020 has been a real downer!
COVID19 aka RONA has reared her very ugly head
resulting in a pandemic and quarantines all over the world.

I am thankful I know how to knit!
I began this lovely shawl while wintering in 
Fort Myers Florida.

The pattern is Dawn to Dusk shawl.
500 yards of a beautiful gradient yarn 
moves from a light blue
to a charcoal gray.

When I returned home in April, I finished it and
 began a new scarf

Letters From Russia.
It is based on a pattern by 4 generations of knitters who each
have a section of the pattern dedicated to them.
Grandmother, Mother, Daughter 1 and Daughter 2,
who lived in Russia.  I used a DK knit from my yarn stash.
Cascade, Ulta Pima Cotton in a periwinkle blue color.

Now it's July, 2020 and RONA is still a bitch.
IMHO States reopened businesses, way to soon.
Opening bars and restaurants a HUGE mistake!
People refuse to wear masks! WTH?
The numbers are rising again.
I will be safe as I can, wear my mask,
 be considerate and continue to be part of the solution,
 rather than part of the problem.

I have started a new shawl with 520 yards of
a beautiful yarn called Cherry Garcia.
It's a fingering weight and is gonna be perfect
with Ohio State scarlet and gray color.
Let's hope college football happens this year.

I can and have given up a lot because of RONA...
but NO Buckeye Football will probably break me.

What have you been doing to get thru 
 this "hunkering down" time?

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