Wednesday, July 15, 2020


BFF...Best Friend Forever...
I have many friends but I only have ONE... BFF!
Meet, Shirley (Bolton) Haller.
We became friends in 1960, thats 60 Years ago!
That's forever ago!
I was 3rd grade, she was 4th grade.
I was 9, She was 10. 
We were also neighbors, growing up in the country.
We were inseparable.
Now I live in Ohio, Shirley lives in Indiana.

I write this post with worry in my heart.
My BFF has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
She lives 300 miles away.
She has cancer and I can't get to her.

I can't hug her...even if I was standing near her.
There a virus to worry about and with chemo treatments
her system is compromised.
I would drive 6 hours in a heart beat,
 in a snow storm, at night with a broken leg...
IF I could go and not jeopardize her health.

When she called with the news, I knew
 by the sound of her voice,
 something was terribly wrong.

Once I hung up, I cried, screamed, and prayed and
finally pulled myself together.
I got a quilt from The Stitching Sisters.
A charity group, here in Columbus, who make and give
lapquilts to cancer patients going thru treatments.
I have volunteered with this group for many years.

I sent it to her immediately...


But lets look at some fun things that are Shirley Haller.

This is Shirley and Dave Haller
as they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary
Dec 6, 2019
I was her bridesmaid...50 years ago.
She was mine...20 years ago!

Shirley was a hairdresser for 48 years.
She had her own shop and retired just a couple years ago.
This was a photo I took of her in an antique mall,
Under and old hair curling system.

We both love Christmas!
There was always a fight over who would get to buy a
vintage tree topper we would both find at an antique store.

Shirley loves to bake and has a huge assortment
of rolling pins.  Lots of great baked items have come from these and 
her husband is the most well behaved man I know!

Last Fall on a visit to Ohio...
she wore her Indiana Hooiser attire.
I still let her party with the Scarlet and Gray fans.

THIS may be my favorite picture of us having the time
of our lives at Country Living Fair, 2019
I was so very happy I could make this happen for her.
It was the highlight of the year!

I sent this little gift to her several years ago.
I know she reads it everyday when she
wakes and sits in a special chair,
 saying her special prayers.

We both love to quilt
In 2011 I made this quilt and sent it to her.
I labeled it.
"A Friend is a Present You Give Yourself"

And now that you know a bit about our very long friendship...
maybe you can say a little prayer for her (and for me)
as she kicks cancer to the curb.

Shirley is strong!
Shirley is a warrior!
Shirley IS my BFF!


  1. I will certainly add you both to my prayer list. Thanks for sharing some of her with the rest of us.

  2. I will Gladly pray for her Mrs. Kathy.

  3. How lovely you described the story of your friendship. I hope she will get through cancer treatment with more years for you two to find mischief and go antiquing with one another.

  4. Sending many beet wishes to your friend as she fights this battle. And to you to, as you support her the best you can. Facing cancer is tough, (I know from experience), but these days it is so much more of a worry with the virus running rampart. Be strong for your BFF, and be kind on yourself too.

  5. Done and done!! (And will continue too ��)

  6. This is such a sweet post about your friend. My BFF had breast cancer a couple years ago and it was so hard not to be close to hug her every day. I'll keep your friend in my prayers. xo

  7. Best friends are the BEST!!! You both are very blessed to have one another.


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