Friday, February 4, 2022


Who would have ever imagined that in January, 2022
we would still be dealing with the damn corona virus
 and all the ugly heads that have mutated.

I could go on a rant right now...
but that won't help get shots into arms.

Sew, I will talk about how I deal with the insanity.
Sewing has saved me and this
"CUT LOOSE" pattern along with my sewcial distance partner,
 Kim Hensley, gives me focus and goals to meet for a beautiful finish!

This quilt is our 7th sewcial distance sewing
"apart/together" since April, 2020 

I had a great stash of Alison Glass scraps.
How perfect is this color scheme!

I use my stash (without buying more fabric) any time possible.
Many patterns offer a cutting chart that uses a specific line of fabric.
Like this line by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit fabrics.
Erica Jackman, Kitchen Table Quilting made the quilt on the pattern.

I don't worry too much about fabric lines or prints.
I stick to keeping the colors as close as I can
to the pattern chart (above)

Next, I pull my stash fabrics and using the fabric requirements guide
cut, label and bag the fabrics.  Often I put a bit extra in the bag and/or
I allow myself to swap out fabric that might not be what I want I sew the blocks together.

After everything is cut...I still have a pile of Alison Glass fabrics to use.
I have made one other quilt before this one. 
Maybe someone else who quilts will get these scraps gifted?

Kim decided to use her stash of Jennifer Paganelli fabrics.
She tagged Jennifer on Instagram and lets just say, Jennifer is excited.

Kim has also bagged and tagged her pretties.

I am pretty sure these tops and maybe the entire quilts will be finished
 before spring thaw!

Stay tuned to the best sewcial distance station in town!


  1. This looks amazing. I'm a little too overextended, but this one looks lovely for a time down the road perhaps. Indeed, this "damn" pandemic is about all you can say. If we end up with lots of cozy quilts made then we will at least have channeled our stress into something tangible and productive. Good for you. I like to say that creating is my oxygen. I love being a part of an online quilting world where we share that in common.


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