Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Do you ever have that one FQ bundle that you just can't cut.
NOT because you don't want to use it...but because
you keep changing your mind about the pattern you want to use.

I love all fabrics by Zen Chic and her beautiful pattern designs.
I have had this bundle of White Christmas for...
well many years.
Its so amazing and I want to make sure whatever pattern
I use...it will be the best pattern to showcase it!

Brigitte Heitland, Zen Chic Designer
offered this FREE Christmas Star Pattern...
I really love it.  You can find it on the Zen Chic website.

My friend Kathy Guenther used her F8th bundle
and 'Those Trees' pattern.

I like it, I like modern, but it's too much
negative space to satisfy the Modern Traditionalist
that lives in my heart.

Then here is another idea.
X & + also by Zen Chic.

I could figure it out and with the White Christmas fabrics
in the bundle OR I could add a spruce green to the mix?

Well I have 11 months til Christmas
but this one will be done with one pattern or another,
or with a mix of patterns
or one yet to be determined!

My dreaming of a White Christmas
might just happen this Christmas in July!

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