Monday, August 15, 2022


I am always behind the TRENDS in the quilting world.
I never hop straight on the band wagon.
I like things to simmer.
I like to figure out, if indeed, I want to make the make!

This SWELL Vintage Santa was one of those projects!
He took me right back to my childhood!

I saw a friend make this Jingle Jangle Pattern
and fell off the roof hard...for it!

But I didn't have any of the SWELL fabrics.
Cause I don't jump on the bandwagon!

Well before I know it...She sent me some fabric,
a few others sent me fabric and I found the Santa on Line.
I may have had the mini charms in my stash.

Quickly I had the Jingle Jangle quilt top done.
You can see I opted for a charcoal gray solid background
vs the green/white blender!

Just another bandwagon bump!

Then the top sat for a year!
I was scared to work with the Santa.

But I decided to get it done.
and I did it!  Sewed him onto the
Jingle Jangle
quilt top!

I was also scared to cut away the quilt from under Santa.

But I did it!
Now he waits for Kim Hensley @happilyeveryquilting
to work her magic.

I just need him for Christmas!

And lets not forget the backing.
Hustle and Bustle line by Basic Grey!

Check back by Christmas...he will be making a list,
checking it twice,
Gonna find out whose Naughty or Nice!

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