Sunday, July 31, 2022


I have decided my favorite part of making a quilt is....
finding the perfect place to take the wild.

Come with me into The Franklin Park Conservatory.
It's a gem in the heart of Columbus OH.

The gardens are full of beauty and perfect backdrops.

This summer the grounds host a Topiary Takover!
  UNESCO Natural Heritage Sites, inspired the animal topiaries. 
All designs, constructed and grown by the FCP Staff!

My quilt caught the attention of this buffalo...stopped him in his tracks.

And a Bengal Tiger lay in wait...he had heard the news
of a beautiful quilt in the garden.

And the camels were not to be ignored.

Having been to Egypt they may have been a favorite.

A courtyard was full of fun sea creatures.
The jellyfish were delightful!

But lets see what other backdrops I found in the garden.

Now step inside the conservatory for more beauty
as I display my quilts among the Dale Chihuly permanent installations.

If you like this pattern called Stargazer you can buy it here.

I hope you have enjoyed this post
as much as I enjoyed getting all these photos...
and breaking a few rules in the garden 

"Quilts in the Wild"
with a wild child at the camera!

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  1. That is a beautiful quilt. And great photos in a wonderful setting. I love taking my quilts for walks too and have done a quilt photoshoot at Franklin Park.


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