Thursday, November 10, 2022


A Tomte and Gnome are really one in the same.
The pattern I am talking about today is a Scandanavian TOMTE design.

I looked up TOMTE (pronounced tom-ta) and by definition
a Nordic mythological creature associated with winter solstice and Christmas season.
GNOME is also a mythological creature who is
an ageless and often deformed dwarf who is a good luck charm.

This is my finished TOMTE quilt.
I think of the little guy as my
OSU Gnome named BUCKY

As I was finishing this quilt....I also had a Modern Tree Quilt to bind.
I used the free tutorial by Amy Smart for the Trees.
Her YouTube version of the tutorial is amazing. 
I used BasicGrey 'Hustle and Bustle' for my trees.

Sew with this post enjoy pix them both. 
After all Tomte/Gnomes and Trees seem to go together

PAUSE for a moment and check out the quilting.
Tomte longarm quilting is by Kim Hensley of Happily Every Quilting
Trees with wind and snowflake design longarm quilted by Patty Estadt.

So stinking cute!

The flower backing of Hustle and Bustle is perfect for the tree quilt.
The Tomte backing is a white tone on tone fabric.

I hope you are busy making magical Christmas quilts.
I am excited to have these finished!

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