Tuesday, January 7, 2014


After I blogged about my 2014 goals of "stash bustin" 
and "no buying fabric" til my birthday 
Michelle over at "Quilts from my Crayon Box" said 
my word for 2014 should be 

Who knew this "word of the year" thing was even going on in blog land.  
I'd never heard of it?

BUT, I have to agree...sew


  • buying  new fabrics til my birthday, May 1st
  • entering swaps (unless I can stash bust it)
  • signing up for blog hops (unless I can stash bust it)
  • going in kwilt shops...ut oh...this will be ugly!!!
  • not finishing projects

On the flip side I will
  • my freedom to sew...anytime I want...ah, retirement!
  • hanging out and sewing with other kwilty friends 
  • entering my kwilts into kwilt shows
  • attending kwilt shows
  • taking better photos for my blog...maybe get a new camera
  • trying new techniques to improve my sewing skills
  • trying a QAL, BOM or BEE (if I can stash bust it)
  •  improving my EQ7 knowledge and skills

 I could not RESIST taking a pledge with Darlene 
to make Christmas gifts all year long.
I'm making monthly scrappy projects anyhoo....
sew why not!

Will it be a "fight" for me or will I  "give in"
to all those unknown Kwilty Pleasures?


  1. I like your word...Resist. I have adopted a word each year for several now and it has truly helped me. My word finds me as I contemplate my year ending and a new beginning year. Each year I also keep the previous word in my daily doings. Happy New Year...

  2. You can do it. I've seen several blogposts about "resisting" lately. Our stashes can certainly get out of hand!

  3. Ha ha! I love it! I love everyone's words :-)

  4. One thing is for sure - none of us will know if you can't "resist". LOL

  5. Oh but can you do it will be the big question. Can you really resist? It will be so hard, I know, but if you can you will feel so good later. I'm here to cheer you on my friend and I promise to not try and temp you with anything that isn't stash related. Good luck!


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