Friday, January 31, 2014


My January 'Stash Kwilt" is going to be the
 6th (yes 6th) Ghastlies Kwilt for the same customer.

I choose Perfect 10 by Swirly Girls Design as the pattern
so I can highlight the Ghastlies Family Portriats.
No border for this one, sew it will finish at 48" x 60"

Here are my "Stash Fabrics"

  I cut the portraits out individually and then using a solid pink
built them out to out 8 1/2" squares.

Let me introduce you to...
The Ghastlies Family

1. Mathilde Ghastlie, The Matriarch
2. Gasper Ghastlie, Devoted Husband
3.  Garrick Ghastlie, 2nd Son of Mathilde and Gasper
4.  Mildred, Magda and Minerva Grislie, Mathilde's Sisters
5.  Cordella and Cassius Ghastlie, Twins of Sebastien and Darla
6. Darla Ghastlie, Sebastian's wife
7. Gunnar Grislie, Mathilde's Father
8. The Widow Ghastlie, Gaspar's Beloved Mother
9. Sebastian Ghastlie, Son of Mathilde and Gasper

 Design Wall plus Big Board to get the blocks in a pleasing layout.
All portraits are framed in black.

 Blocks are sewn together in rown here 
and now it all fits on the design wall.
I love the way the PINK makes the kwilt pop!

Close up of the fabrics in the blocks.
I plan to kwilt a spider web in the gray spider web blocks.

and ta...da...the top is done

And here is the back.

Using a B & W polka dot and a
Light greenish square with dots

Long arm machine kwilting come springtime!

January Stash Kwilt  

Hey, if you missed it....the Grow Your Blog Hop
is in full swing and I have a giveaway here.



  1. I am growing to love your ghastlies, will admit at the beginning I thought no not for me but they have grown on me

  2. Excellent pattern choice to showcase the Ghastlies.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the Ghastlies quilt!!

  4. Another great Ghastlies creation. That customer of yours is definitely addicted as so many of us are.

  5. What a fun quilt! This family is a hoot. Here from Bee Social!

  6. Good choice for pretty fabrics!

  7. I love the pink in the quilt, it lifts the pictures. Ghastlies are new for me, too.

  8. I really love the black sashing around those pink blocks! Great pattern for this print! Well done, Kathy!

  9. I've never seen the Ghastlies before today, but I love how you made them work in the quilt - your color choices are perfect!

  10. Love the use of pink in this really "pops" it!!!


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