Friday, March 10, 2017


Columbus Modern Quilters + Instagram Donations =

An "Arts In Medicine" program that provides handmade bags 
and various beads to children with serious illness.  
 Serving many children and hospitals.   Each time a
child reaches a milestone in their treatments
they receive a "bead" for their "bag".

While we sew the bags, others groups make the beads
and many donate to support this charity. 
Read all about Beads of Courage here!

I reached out on Instagram thru  "get you quilty wish granted"  
asking IG peeps to send me novelty prints for this effort.

What happened was amazing!!!
Box after box of fabric began appearing on my porch.
All this was donated, all shipped to me, free of charge!

50 pounds of fabric and lots materials to use for the drawstrings!

Even some pretty yarn showed up...

Cbus Modern Quilters planned a sew-in for January  
I cut kits for them to have a good start!
100 kits and lots of fabric not even touched.

The following pictures were taken the day of the 
 CbusMQ gals...please let me know if any are yours
so I can credit your photo.   

A local library conference room was set up!

(just a corner of it here)
with machines and food and lots of fun!

Prepared kits and supplies stacked up and ready to sew!

At the end of the day...these bags are ready to be delivered
to Nationwide Children's Hospital!

A ton of fabric was not touched at this event...
but since its a year long effort we are set!

Thank you Columbus Modern Quilters!
A special shout out to Allison Evans,
our charity coordinator!
To all those who came to sew, brought food
and to those who donated fabric and supplies
many children will smile....because of YOU!

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