Monday, March 20, 2017


I must has been hard getting my head
back into reality...and blogging has taken a hit!

Today is the first day of SPRING...and my
message is about my winter warmth!

After my husbands heart valve replacement last November

 I walked the beach almost every day.
and locals nicknamed me Ms Ohio State!

I also became a seashell hoarder!

I did take my mobile sewing room and made some wonderful
projects, including this lap size
Flea Market Fancy "Churning by the Sea"
will have her own post!

As will my Latitude / Longitude quilt top

We did a LOT of sightseeing...
South Port, NC a wonderful fishing town
along the Cape Fear River

I managed to sew some cute knitting project bags!

and then sightseeing would take over.  
This view of Sunset Beach, NC captured on my iPad
is one of my favs!

Every day the ocean, the sky and mother nature 
gave us different and magnificent views!

This yarn  reflects the colors quite nicely!
Has not yet been knitted into anything!

I finished a couple other items but you will see 
those in other posts!

It was a beautiful couple months with Phil!
Each week I got to spend time with my son, Eric, 
in nearby Myrtle Beach, SC   
I am truly blessed and very grateful!

At no time did we...feed the alligators!

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  1. I looks like you had a wonderful, restful time! You created many beautiful projects also.


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