Monday, January 22, 2018


If the Ghastlies lived by the sea...
this might be Widows Peak!

Or maybe this might be acceptable for them
with the fence that could enclose 
the Ghastlies' Cemetery?

I was lucky to stay down the beach 
from these exquisite private homes.
 I selected the Ghastlies Moment Panel to make this quilt top
during my winter hiatus at Ocean Isle Beach, NC

"Ghastlies SeaSide Moments'

30 large Economy Blocks (11" unfinished) 
make this 54" X 68" lap size quilt.
The Ghastlies Moments panel was a new to my stash
but I pulled the setting fabrics from my stash.
One goal is to use up a bunch of stash this year!

I can never resist a beach photo shoot!
The weather was warm and a bit overcast, which 
allows the great colors on the quilt to shine brilliantly!

If you know me at all...I take chances and break rules.
And when necessary to get that perfect photo
I trespass on private property!
"It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission!"
This rocking chair HAD TO BE holding my quilt!
What a view...worth every law I broke!

But the beach offers many photo ops...
like fences that need repair...

But wait, I did get caught at this gazebo
....the owner came out to ask... 
"can I help you"?
 I don't think she meant can she hold my quilt!  
She was polite, we chatted a bit, she asked if I was an artist?
(dah, no I just play around with fabric making beautiful quilts) 
She did like my quilt but also told me
this is  "private property" (dah, I knew that)
I may have gotten away with it like last year,
 but her dog saw me and barked!  (dah)
Guess I won't stop there again...

I love a good set of stairs for capturing a photo


Giant sandbags offer a unique background.
I liked the mustard color house behind these....don't you!
The sign here said, "Stay off the Sandbags"
nothing about laying a quilt top on it! 

Low tide gives an aura of what was....
Across the way is Sunset Beach, NC
known for its stunning sunset vistas!

As I left the beach on a public access board walk...
I turned to look back and had to capture this!

and this

Behind the beach homes
the Intercoastal Waterway runs thru...disconnecting 
Ocean Isle, NC from the mainland.

Here, the sign read  "For Hotels Guests Only"
Yet, I ventured onto the platform to snap this photo.

My second project at the beach this winter
A Ghastlie done until I get home
 to make a backing and quilt it.

Sew if I am arrested for my daring and sneaky photo ops...
will you send $$$ to a GoFundMe account?


  1. Haha!!! You are bolder than I - and I'm sure I miss out on a lot of great shots. This is a gorgeous set. That's so funny that she held the quilt for you! Also, I had no idea those sandbags were that large. I love the colors you put together for this one.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love all the gorgeous scenery you used for showing off that cute quilt. The rocking chair just called your name so of course you had to use it! You are so brave!

  3. I truly love he way this turned out. I still need to get one of those panels for myself.

  4. Love the bags you are making. I would like to be in the running for the Valentine give away. I would call my son. Blessings!

  5. The quilts are so lovely and I liked how you placed them in such beautiful spots of nature! Kuilt On!


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