Monday, January 8, 2018


Any Outlander fans out there...

and exactly what is a Sassanech?

...nickname for an English person.
a term used by the Gaelic inhabitants of the British Isles to
refer to the English inhabitants.
More important it is the name Jamie Fraser (Scotsman) 
lovingly calls Claire Fraser (Englishwoman) in the series.
Image result

Cherie's ringtone is set to Jamie saying this!
I believe that makes Cherie, a bit more obsessed than me
about all things Scottish.  
And that would also include her sister, Terra!
She asked me to make them both an Outlander bag.
She came by to pick out patterns and look for fabrics.
Found some Outlander prints from Hawthorne Threads
and the Outlander plaids from 

Here is the beginning of a Supertote Bag for Cherie!

This turned out beautiful.
The tassel was made by Cherie and she wanted me
to include the "Coach" key ring, a gift from her sister.

Here is a close up of the tassel, with lots of leather, beads 
and charms that represent something from Outlander!

Inside the front pocket section...a custom cell phone pocket.

We selected the "Juliet Bag" pattern 
by Me and My Sister designs for Terra's bag.
 It came out amazing too!

This bag has two interior pockets.

Closeup showing the awesome tassel!
and I did a bit of fancy decorative stitches on the handles.

And here is Cherie (left) and Terra (right)
styling like all Sassenach women should!

All in all the bags were a huge success and
the we all have to endure DroughtLander til next season!

If you don't watch Outlander, may I suggest you
grab yourself a bottle of wine and binge watch til
you can't stand the heat!

It's a love story that goes waaaaay beyond love!


  1. Great bags.

    I love Outlander...but have never seen the show since I do not have that channel. But I have read, either in book or in audio form, most of them. I am currently in the middle of the last book that was published, but I do know that there is another on the horizon.

    I did not know that there was Outlander fabric available. How fun.

    Have a happy day.

  2. Fabulous bags. Love Outlander.... I read the first book years ago when my youngest was only 6 or 7.


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