Monday, January 15, 2018


Sometimes I am slower than Christmas 
posting timely blog posts...Sorry

SEW before I get to next Christmas...
I gotta little Ghastliness for ya!
(surprise, surprise)

This Ghastlies Christmas quilt began at 
a 2017 Spring Quilt Retreat 
using all the colors of the line that I had in my stash.

and I waited and waited for a snow fall...
to capture a Ghastlie Christmas moment!

NOT my first Ghastlies Christmas Quilt...I made this one
for a customer a few years ago.

And I love my Ghastlies Christmas Apron!

Made these Christmas pouches for a swap a few years back...

And yes, my Christmas stocking is very Ghastlie!

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  1. It's a wonderful quilt and I'm glad you waited for snowfall to photograph, it looks amazing.


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