Friday, September 17, 2021

Christmas 2021 Plaidish WIP

I apparently love plaid and Christmas.
Therefore a Plaidish Christmas quilt landed on my sewing table.

 I can never seem to get my fill of Christmas quilts.
I have a few on my radar for this Christmas.

I loved the Plaidish quilt pattern by Erica Jackman
@kitchentable quilting.

Wouldn't it be great in Christmas colors!?!
I decided Reds for Dark Value, Greens for Mid Value
and Whites for Light Value.

If you recall...I made one Plaidish quilt about a year ago
using scraps from my stash of hundreds.

I got it all cut and it sat for a long time as a WIP.

Then I went to a quilt retreat.
A perfect project that requires a lot of chain piecing.
 I only have to take one project!
And Dixie, my Featherweight.

There are 63 easy blocks to make.

Reds were my Dark Volume.
20 Blocks

Greens my Medium Volume
31 Blocks

And whites my Low Volume.
12 Blocks

It took me two days to sew the blocks.
Now remember...this was my first retreat in almost 2 years.
Sew I talked and visited a lot!

I waited a little while after retuning home and began to assemble
the blocks onto my design wall. 

And before I knew it...
Blocks were sewn into rows

and rows into the top!

If you want to try and make this very easy scrap quilt...
you can download the free tutorial/pattern here.

Thanks Erica Jackman (@kitchentablequilting)
for such an awesome pattern.

There's also a free Plaidish 2 pattern that I might do.

This will be a quilt for my friend Kim Hensley to quilt on her
new longarm.  She needs my quilts for practice! WIN-WIN!

Are you working on any Christmas quilts yet?

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