Thursday, September 23, 2021


Another LQS in Chillicothe, OH is Sew Clever.
You may remember, Creations Sew Clever
and owner Rita Fischel.

A couple years ago Rita retired and sold her shop.
This is the new Clever place to shop.

I had not been to the shop and since I was in Chilly....why not?

Halloween fabrics greeted me as I entered.

The store is a good size and very well lit.
This is the class room side of the shop.

I scouted out a long arm machine toward the back of the store.

 BUCKEYE fabrics.

Found the GRUNGE!

Lots of traditional fabrics.
The sale rack was around $5 / yard.
I didn't find anything. 

I was very pleased to see they are carrying many 
Modern Quilt Designer patterns.

Elizabeth Hartman

GE Designs aka Stripology designs
I don't need anymore specialty rulers which is their thing.
But someone told me you don't really need them?

More GE Designs
I like this EMMA design.  It reminds me of a wonky cross tutorial 
by Jeni Baker, In Color Order
I just may have some Christmas fabrics I could use.

My fav, Erica Jackman of Kitchen Table Quilting
had several patterns available.

Oh yeah...THANGLES papers are still around.
I used these probably 20 years ago!
And probably had every size!

Sew...there's something Clever for everyone.
If you visit and haven't been there...
They have not put their own store sign up yet.

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  1. I wouldn't call the Stripology rulers specialty rulers. I do most of my cutting with the Stripology XL. It also includes the functions of the Stripology Squared. I also have the mini and use it when working with small bits. Gudrun's patterns include instructions for both Stripology and standard rulers.


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