Friday, September 3, 2021


I am always  behind the trending fabrics and designs
SWELL …this is no different. 

I saw this quilt a couple years ago and loved it.
BUT I didn’t buy any of the Moda SWELL fabric!

It didn’t take long to gather some prints.  A few friends gave me some of their stash.
 I also found a few pieces on-line and at LQS.

Jingle Jangle was the original pattern for this quilt.

I saw lots of variations for this amazing Vintage Santa!
and became confused as to what design I liked the best.

Log Cabin

Trip Around the World

Churn Dash

A simple pieced block design

Wedding Ring

My kwilty friend, Kim Hensley and I are both making it!
 Sew stay turned to see what our choice is! 


  1. I am excited thiss Christmas even we have pandemic. Love the designs and colors, I love how the pattern ideas are put together. You are amazing. Hope to have this kind of talent.Deck company greenville sc

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey,
    I’m impressed by your blog. Absolutely amazing work.


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