Friday, January 7, 2022


It was only November but I had Christmas on my mind.
Sew my "wine themed tree" went up early.

But I also had other things on my mind.
Like a quilt trunk show for 
The Columbus Metropolitan Quilt Guild in Columbus, OH

We had been trying to schedule this show since April 2019.
One thing and then COVID kept delaying the fun time.

I had pulled about 20 quilts from my collection that covered
the 30 years I have been quilting.

And then, on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 it was REALLY happening!

I told many stories that go along with my quilts.
Some brought tears, many brought laughter
and all brought a sense of FINALLY being together
and talking about quilts with other quilters.

My Perry County Flamingo was admired by many...
yes, you can touch my quilts!
This is the Laura Heiney collage quilt pattern, Pinkerton.

The quilts made with fabrics by modern designers, also brought great interest.
Like this "Paving the Way" using Lotta Jansdotter fabrics.

Peeking out is my Dancing Dragonfly quilt which I call a
'transitional quilt" .  That means my tastes were changing from
Traditional concepts to Modern aesthetics.

To get my quilts refolded in a timely manner
I showed the attendees how to fold a quilt on the diagonal for storage
and keep the creases out of the quilts.

Everyone got a chance to try it
and I had help packing my quilts for the return home.

Sew all that being said...
I am available for Quilt Trunk Shows the latter half of 2022.
If you guild is interested, we can discuss fees. etc.
Reach out to me asap!

Thanks to all who have invited me to you guild meetings.
I love to share my love of quilting.

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