Saturday, January 15, 2022


Have you heard of the traveling Yarnbyrds shop
owned by Robin Ritchey?
I have actually been in this RV a couple times
as it traveled around Central Ohio. 

Great selections of yarns to browse!

What I didn’t know is that Yarnbyrds has a hidden gem tucked away 
on private property near Easton Mall!

A wonderful yarn shop and retreat center called The NEST!
And its located just a few miles from me!

Let’s take a peek inside the yarn shop! 

Cute accessories like these scarf magnets! 
Two magnets hold the scarf in place when one is behind the scarf
And the pretty piece is visible on the front of the scarf 

Conveniently located above the yarn shop  is the retreat facility!
It’s well appointed with a comfy sitting area for stitching.  

A kitchen for making meals…but many great restaurants are
a short drive away at Easton Mall 

The retreat rooms, sleeps 6-8 people, trundle beds seem reasonable in a small space. 
There was another bedroom with a larger bed, but you have more peeps to sleep…
a hotel chain is within walking distance. 

And Robin is such a gracious owner!

Please consider a stop at the shop or book a getaway retreat! 
Here's a link to the website where you can find out
all the details of here!



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