Wednesday, March 15, 2023

JUST A CARD..or few

I like to recycle the front of a pretty card
that I may receive from someone,
to make a new card.

Like this beautiful tree and bird.

I can always use a Thank You card.

I made this pretty sympathy card with scraps and a tiny dragonfly!

I had lots of back and white scraps
when a bit of mustard and a swarm of bees happened.

I like to stamp my own designer paper. 
These sunflowers were too fun!

How about some dragonflies to brighten your day?

Hey, I found some bee papers.

I also picked some flowers for these pretty vases,

Making cards is my second love.
Quilting is my first.

Paper On!


  1. Your cards are beautiful and so creative! I also enjoy making and sending cards, but quilting is number one for me too.

  2. I enjoyed looking at your pretty cards, almost make me want to go play with my stamps!

  3. Your cards are beautiful. I love them.


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