Friday, December 11, 2020


I happen to love this light spruce green color!
Add some back, gray and white
when making cards and WOWZA!

Check out this amazing Dragonfly card
I found on Pinterest.
 The designer, Rachel Tessman,  
had a video and a blog post showing how to make it!
Her blog and business is Stamp Your Art Out!
She's a fun person in her videos...not to over the top!

I used my own stuff and CASEd her card
 (copying another scrapers effort) or  simply giving credit to designer!
Under the dragonfly wings is a vellum dragonfly.
The dragonfly is attached to the inside of the card.
The wings fold up and slip thru the punched hole.
Then fold them back down.

Had lots of this spruce color and coordinating papers
so I  CASEd lot of Christmas card
Jackie Bolhois YouTube video titled
'Stamp Along with Dave and Make 1s.1 Easy Greeting Cards'

I like to add a stamp inside besides the greeting.

and on the envelopes

And I made some gift card holders!
Also found on Pinterest.
These have belly bands but will fit 
inside an A2 card envelope.

My design, gift cards.

I have been with a cardmaking group for 3 years.
COVID has changed how we meet (we don't)
and what we do (card swaps)
I miss the social part of our group so I dropped out.
I felt like I have enough supplies without a 
quarterly buy - in?  
2020 gave me lots of time to work on my own.
I think I got it!

PS Always do what is best for your own heart.
Your 'true" friends will remain, regardless.


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