Monday, December 28, 2020


I call these Christmas PAST quilts
because Christmas has just PASSED
and I did not get them made.

Winter is coming and I will work on these for
Christmas 2021.
I am NOT giving 2020 anything else...
It took so much of me with the damn virus,
lockdowns, masks, social distance...
ALL the rules, losses and the depression!

I have everything cut to make a Christmas Plaidish Scrap Quilt.
Just Reds, Greens and Low Volume Christmas Prints.

I received a lot of these fabrics from my friends
 over on Instagram's Get your Quilty Wishes Granted.
Quilters are sew very generous.

I also have this SWELL Santa Quilt to make.
Lots of background patterns to choose from.
But the Jingle Jangle HO HO HO works for me.
Some quilting friends gave me some of the fabrics.
Sew stinking vintage and sew cute!

I have had Zen Chic's White Christmas FQ bundle for a couple years.
Again, I can never decide which pattern I want to make.
I might do a version of  Zen Chic's 'Those Trees' for the front.
and a couple blocks from 'Christmas Stars' pattern on the back.

Aren't these pattern great!

I also need to make another Modern Christmas Tree Block Quilt.
I sent this one to my best friend Shirley,
 She has endured one hell of a year fighting breast cancer.
She loves Christmas and Christmas Trees...
how could I not give this to my dearest and lifelong friend.

I hope you Christmas season was the best it could be.

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