Wednesday, December 23, 2020


This might seem like old news...
BUT it needs a post because its sew full of
what giving means to me. 

This is my 81 yo Sister, Arbutus Swackhammer.
Yep that's her can't make that up.

She had had a rough life...much by choice...much by
incidents that should never happen to anyone.

But this is a happy post. 
About her Adult Protective Services Caseworker, Brandon,
 and how he helped Arbutus find a new and happy life in 2020.

Brandon has 2 little boys, I had lots of novelty fabrics.
I decided a quilt for each boy was a perfect way to say 
'thank you' for all his help.

I had all these prints in my stash to choose from.

Perfect Ten, by Swirly Girl Designs is my 'go to' pattern for kids.
Makes a great size quilt to enjoy for years.

 Caleb, age 3, animals and bright colors.

Caleb 6, Robots and Helicopters

You see, Brandon works in Licking County
and he found her housing in Marion County
That was a 1 1/2 hour drive each way.
He made that trip once or twice a month
to ensure she would be ok.

My sister had NOTHING to setup housekeeping.
Brandon worked to get her an apartment she could afford.
to set up all the senior services available to her.
Many people donated household goods and delivered to me.
Brandon, would pick them up and take them to her.
You see, COVID was spreading fast and we were asked to stay at home.
I decided then my thank you gift would touch his little boys lives.
It wasn't long until I had two quilts made.


My Bernina 740 has a text function.
So each quilt was labeled, on the front of the quilt, after quilting.
Made by: Mrs. Clause 2020

I rolled them up and tied them with fabric.

Bagged them for Daddy to pick up on my porch.
He would place the bags under their tree for Christmas morning.
After all, they are from Mrs. Claus.

Christmas Day, Brandon sent me this picture.
THIS is why I love playing Mrs. Claus.
THIS is what the holiday season means to me.
THIS is a Merry Christmas.

I am already working of my giving for 2021.
I will find a Mrs. Claus recipient.
You can count on that!

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  1. I loved this post Kathy. It is so sweet of you to make the kids a quilt. I could tell that they loved them and will enjoy them very much. I hope everything works out for your sister.


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