Saturday, December 8, 2012

Decking My Halls with another fun bird!

Day 8
"Decking My Halls"

A "partridge" landed in my Dining room a couple years ago and I found him on fabric that I had to make into a quilt.

Look closely.  The border fabric makes up 
all the kaleidoscope patterns.
My One Block Wonder - A Partridge in a Pear Tree

The quilt becomes the dining room table cover
for the winter season.
I decorate this room in early November 
and leave it up til February.

The centerpiece is made from thrift store finds
and I re purposed flowers my December wedding bouquet. 

Additional candle sticks set it off.

 White lights and greenery on the china cabinet 
serve as a wonderful night light. 
Brown peacock feather soften the look, glittered pears
and silk ribbon provide even more sparkle. 

A side board provides a place for more greenery and birds!

How do you decorate your dining room?


  1. Your ideas are so in my taste...simple and elegant! i love your house. Adore the quilt! you're an inspiration for sure. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful!! I love the way you have decorated for the season!!

  3. Just beautiful! Thanks for joining our party!

  4. Love that quilt. Actually have the book and it is one my "to do" day. Looks just beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous quilt and seasonal table display!

  6. Lovely quilt--I love the kaleidoscopes. And your decorations look beautiful.

  7. I really like your kaleidoscope quilt. I've been wanting to make a one-block wonder for several years. Somewhere I have fabric and a book to do one, but I can't find it. :/


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