Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decking my Halls with POLAR BEARS!

Day 1
"Decking My Halls"

Who really decorates a master bath?    ME!
Why not, it has a jacuzi tub for escaping
from all the holiday hustle and bustle.  

I have been hanging the upside down tree here for years...
before upside down trees were cool.    
No lights required on this tree! Just pretty in white.
White towels with a berry spring fit right under a $2.00
thrift store photo of a winter scene.  

Light the candles, add some bubbles and
a glass of wine...ahhhhh!

The other end of the tub area, I've added another flocked tree 
with cute polar bears snooping about. 
The sleigh picture was a wedding gift
and adds a perfect touch for this vignette.

Last year I moved the polar bears to the Great Room
after I took down the Christmas tree.  
They perk up any room and winter is their time to play!

I don't have a polar bear quilt for this post but you can see the makings of one on this post.  It was a gift for a friend's baby.

For today...I am sharing my 
Holiday Bargello Wall Hanging

Do you decorate bathrooms for the holidays?


  1. Wow! You are making me miss my big tub at our old house today. I adore your upside down tree.

  2. Awesomeness. :D Love those polar bears, and my hubby got a great chuckle out of the upside-down tree. I love my bath enough I could really appreciate one in there! Yes, I do usually put something in the guest bathroom. Really need to do something in my master bath now that you've shared~!


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