Thursday, December 6, 2012

Decking my Halls with more Vintage

 Day 6
"Decking My Halls"

...and the vintage delights continue.  
I was little girl in the 50s and have wonderful memories
of Christmas on the farm.  We were lucky to 
have one present for each of us under the tree.
BUT I thought I was spoiled!
I am lucky and still have some original
vintage ornaments from days gone by. 

A kitchen corner was a fun spot for this vintage tree with
all of the antique bubble lights, ornaments, 
garlands and really OLD tinsel. 
The window covering is a vintage Christmas tablecloth.

Here are some of my all time FAVORITE ornaments.
Some date back to WW2 where Mom Murphy
served in the Navy. 
These are tucked away in a safe place for my son to place
on his family tree when the time is right.

The Vintage Tree is gone but I still have most of the ornaments.  
I hot glued them to make this wonderful wreath. 
I just squeezed a round wreath into the oblong shape I needed.

And some close ups of the ornaments.
Each year a couple break during as they are very old.
I find replacements at antique stores. 

All the memories remain and displaying quick and easy. 

The following quilt has a unique story.
For 10 years I had a Cookie Exchange Party 
for my girlfriends so we could share the the
"gift of time with each other". 
  Each year there was a "theme" for the party.

I asked each friend to wear a vintage apron and then
give it to me as my hostess gift. 

Pretty bold?  
Read the label below and then you will see 
Pretty special! 

This  "Friendship Star" quilt is a result of
all those vintage aprons 

I will cherish this Kwilty Pleasure forever!

  And here is the label...always label your quilts 
so the history can be passed on.  

Have you ever made a "signature quilt" and
if so, tell me about it.


  1. HOw wonderful to have those vintage WWII ornaments to pass down!

  2. Wonderful ornaments! And what a great idea with the friendship blocks!

  3. I have some of the same vintage ornaments! I am saving them for my only Grand Daughter who is 8. Thank you for sharing your beautiful tree.

  4. I too remember Christmas in the fifties and was just today looking at some of the ornaments my mother used to decorate the tree. I still have the tree topper with the spun fiberglass in it. Love the quilt and most importantly the meaning behind it. You are a very lucky woman to have such dear friends.


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