Monday, December 3, 2012

Decking my Halls with Flakey Folks

Day 3
"Decking My Halls"  

Lovin' those flakey folks!  SNOWMEN!

Over the years some snowmen have melted away or found 
another holiday home but I do keep a few flakey friends around.

A wooden tree stand of snowmen was perfect for this "Frosty"
tree that greeted my holiday visitors in the foyer.
Peek around the corner...
the dining room was full of snowmen too!

And of course, where this is "snow"  there are "quilts"
A cozy sideboard displays snowmen dishes
with a few snowfolks climbing a ladder for a closer look.

In this foyer vignette I replaced the wall candle holders 
on each side of the mirror, with snowmen pictures.
A tiny snowman themed tree lights up the area!

A simple greenery swag on the window bring the eyes up.
I added fabric scraps from an old ripped up quilt top and 
wired buttons on the swag to represent snow.  

More antique quilts draped across the china hutch
helps warm the snowy mood!

Snowmen landed in the hallway one year.
The painted snowman face is on an old pizza pan. 

I made a pillow this year for the guest room.

I'm sure some snowmen will show up at first snow
to find his place on this Holiday Lane!

Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio borrowed my
snowman collection one year to display at Innis House.  
What an honor!

What is your best memory of building a snowman!


  1. Snowmen... my favorite! You can never have too many of them.

  2. Love decorating with snowmen and love your amazing collection! I once made a 'frog' snowman with our children and they loved it!


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