Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Decking my Halls with Gingerbread

Day 4
"Decking My Halls"

Nothing smells like Christmas like the aroma of baking cookies...especially Gingerbread cookies.  
For many years I decorated with a Gingerbread theme. 

There were plenty of gingerbread items to fills some space!
Most of these are making someone else happy now.

and of course, some fun gingerbread dolls

I  had some Dept 56 houses and cookie trees 
that I placed along the top of the kitchen cupboards.
Space was tight, so I tilted the trees over to make them fit.  FUN!

In this corner I tucked a "half" a tree, 
the back side was flat...for a small area.  
I crammed it with ornaments and gingerbread houses.
 One night I heard a huge CRASH.
Guess it was "top heavy" for "front heavy" in this case.  
It fell over and broke a few things, so this  tree is GONE!
If you are unsure that your trees will be stable,
use wire or string or something to keep it upright!

Here I used 3 trees in varying heights. 
I painted pot lids with gingerbread faces and added
bows and greenery for their hair.
Fun tree toppers! 

Once again, Inniswood Gardens in Westerville Ohio 
borrowed my Gingerbread collection to decorate 
Innis House.   SWEET!

I was just starting to get my quilting feet wet with this
Gingerbread panel quilt!
As a matter of fact I liked this panel so much
I bought it twice!  And that was when
my fabric stash was SMALL!  

So, what is your favorite Holiday Cookie?  


  1. Spritz. I've never made them but my mom & sometimes my sister do. Fun gingerbread decorations!

  2. Wow!! You're all gingered up, what fun. Too bad about that tree crashing and the loss of ornaments.
    My little guy and I will be baking up some gingerbread men soon, he loves to be in the kitchen! Yesterday was shortbreads, wish I could make them as good as my Mom used to.


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